The Z-Pass connects fare networks

The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV) and the neighbouring fare networks, A-Welle, Flextax, OSTWIND, Schwyz and Zug, as well as SBB, have all been combined into a fare network for the residential and economic area of Zurich. The Z-Pass offers tickets for journeys between the Zurich Transport Network and any one neighbouring fare network (so-called corridors). This is a zone fare, which means that passengers buy a ticket for a journey from A to B with the zones required accordingly, and not a route ticket. Within the selected zones and time validity, passengers can travel by train, bus, tram and in Zurich, even by boat, without restrictions.

The price of the ticket is based on the number of zones selected. Both city zones, Zurich (110) and Winterthur (120) count as two zones.





PDFZone map as a PDF document (600KB)

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